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Go to this link for a complete explanation:  GAL= Get (hire) a License and‎ 


Go to this Link for a complete explanation: PAL = Place (your) a License, and  Cost for PC Certified Operator

Categories of Certified Operators

We are assisting with 5 categories  for Owners, managers, and Certified Operators as listed in most states. Some states classify the categories with numbers and some with names and letters but generally they are:

  1. General Pest Control (GHP);
  2. Subterranean Termite( SubT);
  3. Lawn and Ornamental (L & O); and
  4. Drywood Termite (DWT).  In Some cases
  5. Wild Life. (WL)

You must be a Certified Pest Control Operator Registered within your state or another state. You are not eligible for our CPCO service unless you are certified in at least one category in one state.

Owners and Managers

For Owners and Managers, We are offering to locate and furnish information about what CPCO’s (WITH THEIR PERMISSION) are available to the Owners and Managers of large and small pest control companies. You cannot operate a pest control company without a Certified Operator except in special circumstances. We try to find you someone who will suit your company in the category you need. If you need a certified operator now or in the future, please complete  GAL= Get (hire) a License. Tell us your requirements on this form and we will search our data base and call you if we have any that fit your requirements. Please give as much detail as possible to expedite the process. You do not pay anything for this service, until/only if you are able to hire on operator.

CPCO’s –  Need a  New  Job?

RETIRED, but want to stay active?

For Certified Pest Control Operators, we offer free registration to help connect you to owners and managers. You pay only if you are hired by an owner or a manager. The time frame depends on the demand from the owners and managers. If you would like to register click on, PAL = Place (your) a License, and complete the form. We will send you a confirmation that we have entered your information in our “ready to make a change” data base. We will contact you right away if we have a prospect. If not then we will search for an owner or manager that wants your category or qualifications. The more detailed information you give us the quicker we can find a place for you. We may call you for additional information if an owner or manager requests it. We do not disclose any of your personal information, just your qualifications, and categories without a name or location.

We have openings in the following areas:

  1. Technician
  2. Manager
  3. A retired licensee that wants to stay active in the industry as trainer and chemical application supervisor.
  4. Miscellaneous positions that require a licensed  Certified Pest Control Operator.

Please describe all categories your are licensed in and your qualifications in them.

Go to this link and fill in the form PAL = Place (your) a License,

Confidentially: All information is confidential and both parties will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect both parties.

This is a notification to all state and federal agriculture regulatory agencies. A + Business Brokers, Inc., nor, or http://, has any authority over licensing, we are strictly a broker charging a fee to aid the owners of pest control businesses who need a license to operate their business and/or certified operators looking for better pay or working conditions for themselves. We would appreciate you helping your business owners and licensees by referring them to our website.
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