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We are a one-of-a-kind site that matches up Certified Pest Control Operators with pest control business owners. When you register with us, your information is kept strictly confidential but your availability is made known across the country. CPCOs can announce what they can do, and Pest Control owners can find licensed workers to enhance the value of their business.

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Pest License Employment Opportunities: What we do here is provide a unique service, which we have done for 13 years. The pest control business requires licensed operators (CPCOs), and the operators deserve the best jobs available, so we provide a FREE registry where both parties can find what they need to grow and prosper.

We are looking for all licensed professionals: General Pest Control (GHP), Subterranean Termite(SUBT), Lawn and Ornamental (L & O), Drywood Termite (DWT) and Wild Life (WL). Technicians, operators, managers, trainers, full time, part time — it’s all here. Unique to YOUR needs and YOUR specialities.

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Never a fee unless the owner and the certified operator agree to work together. All information is confidential.

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